PFA Series

PFA Series

Stainless steel valve with PFA inner lining

We have both manual and pneumatic valve with the form of two-piece structure and molded PFA inner lining. We strictly control the quality of each molding process. Open and close the diaphragm valve with diaphragm can close the flow channel effectively and cut off a flow of fluid. Get little flow resistance with simple structure and properties of good airproof and corrosion.

PFA molded pipe fitting

Each molded PFA pipe fitting exhibits a uniform thickness and has high density and solidity. The quality and accuracy of every mold meets very stringent specifications from manufacturing, PFA processing to finished product.

PFA distilling column

Manufacture a large diameter(300~1200mm) distilling column through using compression molding PFA that combined perfectly with the steel outer ring. The high densty PFA is formed under high extrusion pressure which provides excellent corrosion properties, smooth surface and resistant to high temperatures (up to 220°C).

Manual Reactor Sampling Systems

All of the parts that are contacted with the sampling material are all PFA, which is corrosion-resistant, easy and safe to operate.

PFA feeding pipe for chloromethane

Feeding pipe for chloromethane is made of PFA material formed by special process. We use expanding connection for inner pipe, bonding and set pin for outer pipe. All flange ports are produced by compression molding and are perfectly welding,brazing and soldering to the pipes to avoid the risk of cracking and leaking under high temperature and high airflow vibration. The operating temperature can run at 200°C.