Company philosophy Business philosophy Integrity, customer first, technological innovation Management policy Technological innovation, respect for customers, subvert the traditional process technology, with a bright idea of the industry and melt each other, and create a higher technology update customer service company process.

Kin Kia Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1995.

Early business and business and into (HCG) Group】 R & D bathroom (sanitary ware) production equipment based. R & D and production of high-pressure injection molding machine technology after many years, gradually mature, into the basin, water tanks, column-foot high-pressure molding automation machine, and into a small group of the world's technology to produce high-quality, large Production, high rate of the world ranking TOP7 well-known sanitary production company.

In 1996, the company developed fluid crushing pump, which is the second professional equipment, which is more than half the price in Europe, America and Japan. The quality is the same as that of Europe, America and Japan. The products are marketed in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia and other petrochemical, chemical and food industries. , The sound of praise, performance, fluid crushing pump has become the industry's traditional process of the revolutionary pioneer.

In 2000, the company developed a four-mold high-pressure grouting machine for toilet molding production, so that the production rate and achieve the rate of increase, into the higher-order bathroom production technology.

Acting in 2005 China Zibo Tai Chi's glass-lined reaction equipment, to provide parity and stability of the quality of the supply of domestic specialization, the use of pharmaceutical manufacturers, there are already 50 several manufacturers use.

2011 Key Ka to provide high-pressure injection molding machine equipment in Kaisa bathroom Vietnam plant.