glass liner equipmrnt



The enamel for glass lined equipment is exclusively developed by Taiji, enamel (TJ09) shows dark blue color after finished sintering,this is very important basis for corrosion resistance.

Design capacity from 10 to 80,000 liters, can also be done in accordance with customer’s requirement in all directions customized services.

Agitators will be designed in accordance with the reactor body to make the most perfect ratio, in operation to achieve maximum efficiency.

The maximum pressure of the tank can reach 0.8MPa (8KG), the temperature range from -19 ~ 200℃, can be safely operated in harsh environments.

Storage tank

We have horizontal and vertical ones, and provide customized storage tanks according to customer needs. The pressure can be used for -1~0.6KG.
The maximum capacity is 80,000 liters.

SiC condenser

SiC condenser can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, they are heat exchangers of new materials. The condenser tube is produced by pressureless sintering. Compared with graphite condenser and glass-lined, it increase corrosion properties and has high-efficiency heat exchange effect, long service life. We use FFKM o-ring to avoid solvent erosion. Our SiC condenser is high price–performance ratio.

Unique features of SiC condenser
  • The thermal conductivity is much higher than other materials
  • Under the same effectiveness of heat transfer, we need less area to transfer heat so we can downsize the condenser.
  • Downsize the condensert and take up less space, effectively help owners reduce costs.

Peripheral equipment

Taiji has related products for glass lined equipment , can help customers make customized services , such as pipe, heat exchangers , column , filter, etc.