Magic Pump

Examples of usage

  • Step.1

    To dissolve solid matters, one may usually invest a huge sum of money to equip with two or more cutters. However, the Magic Pump, with only one set of cutter, can increase the dissolving process.

  • Step.2

    The Magic Pump can easily make various sizes, degrees of dissolution, physical natures of materials to the right consistency to save time in working process.

  • Step.3

    The Magic Pump can easily mix two or more different liquid materials.

  • Step.4

    The Magic Pump can quickly and evenly mix materials with hard dispersed additions.

  • Step.5

    The Magic Pump can make various waste matters, such as wastewater, excrement, and rubbish, into paste matters for well conveying.

  • Step.6

    The Magic Pump can effectively and efficiently convey any kinds of liquids , even containing solid matters.

  • Step.7

    The Magic Pump can make solid matters grained first in order to grind easily in the final process.